Dominic Smale

Managing Director

Dominic first started out in engineering  after completing a distinction in level 2 engineering, he then went on to do an aerospace engineering college course, where he done some work placements at airbus and Royal mail, after college he then went in to the building trade where he loved working with timber, after finishing a carpentry apprenticeship and college he then went on to learning a couple of different trades, from Plastering, Brick Laying and other general building, after spending 6 years in the building trade he decided to start his own company Oracle Builders.


Jessica Smale

Office Manager

This team member is a favorite amongst our clients. They always bring their positive energy and creative ideas with them to work. We couldn’t be happier with our one-of-a-kind Office Manager.


Ian Mckenty

Project Coordinator

Ian Mckenty has helped shape the success of our business. Regardless of what is asked of them, they are always there to help keep the company on track.


Elliott Ridge


Elliott Brings alot to the team, whether its proplem solving or producing a great finish, his skills are a key part to Oracle Builders



Konrad is our newest member and an excellent one at that, where he will put his hand to anything and does not shy away from a challenge